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PROS / The ultimate variety of features to maximize cruise search and booking experience.

CONS / This site does not offer rental car booking at destinations or departure ports.

VERDICT / The best website for destination information, booking ease and search features. is top notch when it comes to riding the wave on online travel. Whether you are looking to book a cruise right off or just wanting to “look into it,” this is the place for you. This website is a warm, welcoming place loaded with an incredible amount of features and comprehensive search options that provide you with every opportunity to find the ultimate cruise for you. It's no wonder this site earned our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award with the quickest and easiest booking process, most organized website and the most comprehensive information you will need to book your perfect Caribbean cruise.

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Ease of Use

This site is incredibly easy to use and well organized.  Its search tools, deals, and specialty and themed cruises are easily accessible and easy to navigate.  There is a lot to look at on the home page which can make for a somewhat distracting experience initially, but the overall use is quite easy for beginners and gurus alike.


Feature Set

With an unbelievable amount of features at your fingertips, you will have no excuse for not finding just the perfect cruise to suit your needs. offers a price match guarantee as well as price protections that will promise not to increase the amount charged once a cruise is booked—be sure to read the fine print for any restrictions. In today’s economy, price matching and protecting are essential for any vacation.

If you want more information about the locations and destinations, you can hop on the informational site for every destination you can imagine by selecting a cruise and clicking on their itinerary locations. This will pull up information about the ports of call you will be going to. You will also have access to additional information regarding geographical facts, weather, emergency services and port parking and will be provided links to transportation, shopping, government, dining and other tourist attractions. We were pleasantly surprised and very impressed with the vast information this service provides on each and every port of call.

Excursions, itinerary maps and articles on the Caribbean are also accessible to help you make the best choice for your cruise. If you are new to cruising, refer to these to assist you in your research; they are sure to provide you with enough knowledge to make your decision.

Any given day, you'll find a number of extraordinary offers on this site—including free spa treatments, shipboard credits, discount excursions and tempting package deals.

Search Capabilities is the leader among the competition in its search options. This site seems to cover all possible searches as well as providing you with valuable information regarding previous traveler experience and professional ratings. Knowing where you want to go is the easy part and, with the destination search, you will be able to find many opportunities to search all cruise lines according to your desired objective.

Let’s say that you don’t really care where you go, but you know you want to travel with a certain cruise line or even a specific ship. provides you with a specialized search for cruise lines and their dedicated ships. You are given so many search options to choose from—different price ranges, special rates, departure dates—you are sure to find the perfect cruise for you.

Ease of Booking

Okay, now you know where you want to go, on what ship, and how long you want to be gone. It’s time to book! This can be the best or the worst time for you depending on your experience. Fortunately, this site gives you a fabulous experience with quick results. In just three comprehensive steps, you can be on your way to the best vacation of your life. offers you over 24 options of cruise lines to choose from and they provide star ratings for each line, so you are sure to have the best options for your booking experience. You are given options to view each ship with a comprehensive photo gallery of the ship, mapped floor plan of the entire ship—deck by deck, and layout and photos of the different cabin options. You are also given an opportunity to discover the activities and adventures that are waiting for you on each ship.

Something that is lacking on is ratings offered by other travelers. This information can be helpful when booking a cruise because no one is more honest than previous passengers. They also lack the capability of booking car rentals through this site. We would like to see this feature added in the future.

No one ever goes on a vacation expecting to lose their luggage or have their camera stolen or miss their flight. That is why travelers insurance is often an overlooked portion of your vacation, but it can be crucial, should the worst happen. This site offers a quick and easy sign up for traveler's insurance during the booking process. We think this is an awesome feature that allows you to consolidate your booking time and protect your vacation investment. They have one of the easiest booking processes we have found; much easier than comparable services.

Help/Support boasts VIP service and the best prices around. They're completely justified in blowing their horn as they offer a low-price guarantee, cruise price protection and toll-free customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their customer service is also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure their customers are cared for at all times.

There is a toll-free phone number for everything on this site: pre-booking, post-booking, British, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa service, and a special number for any other countries. Also available are an email contact and comprehensive FAQ to assist in any other needs you may have, as well as a blog for additional information. Another excellent feature is the cruise experts who answer your calls are all featured on the site so you know exactly who you are talking to.

Summary has just about anything and everything you will need to plan your vacation and book your cruise. Their site is easy to navigate, loaded with search options, deals and information to help you have the best experience possible. This is an exclusive service brimming with enticing photos and information that makes planning your vacation enjoyable. The site offers user-friendly search options you'll need to find those idyllic cruise vacations. Planning port-of-call side trips is simple with all of the detailed information they offer on the Caribbean. Top-notch customer service and a straightforward booking process give customers peace of mind when purchasing a vacation package from