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CruiseShopping.com Review

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PROS / The site is easy to navigate and is fairly straight-forward without too many extras.

CONS / The design of the site says “In your face,” with its all caps font and bright blue and red fonts that is hard on the peepers.

 VERDICT / This “git-r-done” site can be good for any user, but could be friendlier with a little redesign.

CruiseShopping.com is a straightforward, strictly-business cruise travel website that doesn't have a lot of photos and frills other websites offer. If you're the type of person who likes to go into a department store, get what you need and get out, this may be the Caribbean cruise service for you.

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Even the Internet novice will have no problem sailing through this site. Though pages contain plenty of information, categories aren't cluttered and links are well-marked. With the user-friendly search options and streamlined booking process, you'll have your cruise booked in no time.

CruiseShopping.com focuses on providing their customers with great package deals through their "Big Ship Values," "Top Deals" and "Last Minute Savings" sections. This website is a great place to bargain shop for Caribbean cruises. However, we couldn't find a low price guarantee on CruiseShopping.com so prices are final regardless if someone offers the same vacation package at a lower price.

You can access facts and find at least one picture of each destination and port-of-call by selecting a link on the itinerary. Though pictures are few, they'll give you an idea of what the different areas look like. The information, on the other hand, is complete and covers activities, attractions, history, culture, climate, even details on documentation (I.D. and passports) and money exchange.

You can also find limited information on excursions that may fit into your vacation plans by clicking on a port of call in your itinerary, then selecting "Activities and Attractions."

CruiseShopping.com includes a basic search, an advanced search and sort option. Each search is easy to understand and will help you find the perfect Caribbean cruise. The basic search locates vacation packages by destination, length of cruise, date and cruise line. The advanced search uses these classifications plus ship name, departure port and price range. And the sort option can compare your picks by price, special offers, ship rating and length of cruise.

In addition, you can search for value-priced cruises by clicking the "Top Deals" link.

Booking your cruise on CruiseShopping.com is simple. You simply select your date of departure, view your itinerary and book your flight, all on one webpage. The booking page does not show cruise ship cabin layouts or deck maps, but the page links to these illustrations.

You can also invite your friends to come along with a link that allows you to send the cruise prices, dates, and itinerary via email.

CruiseShopping.com provides an email template for you to fill out with any questions that you might have. The service's customer support line is available Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This company could improve customer relations by offering 24 hour service, FAQ, or instant messaging.


If you're not familiar with the Caribbean or cruises, you will probably want to do some research beyond this website so you have a better understanding. But once you know what you want for your Caribbean cruise, CruiseShopping.com streamlines the task of booking by finding just what you want, fast.